This is the year that opposites attract!  Old meets new, east meets west, masculine mixes with feminine and industrial dances with farmhouse.  In lieu of the recession, and the emphasis on decorating "green", I am pleased to announce that it is also the year to repaint, resurface and reuse that dated piece of furniture! 

My favorite way to revitalize that old piece of furniture is to paint it white and distress it.  I use a sander to distress any edges or grooves.  Let the wood underneath show through. 

Old Meets New

If you are remodeling, don't get rid of those dated pieces.  Keep them and mix them right in!  You can give them a facelift with paint or reupholster to make them fit into your new scheme.

East Meets West

Bring in vibrant colour with Asian and Indian influences!  Again, keep what you have and add some eastern flare.

Masculine Mixes with Feminine

No need to be at odds with your significant other on colour and decor.  If he wants brown leather and you want pink cushions - great!  Mix them!

Industrial Dances with Farmhouse

 This looks brings country and industrial styles together.  I have seen it done in kitchens mainly, but I think it would be brilliant in a loft space.  It allows some warmth to invade the sterile industrial look.  The open shelving you see here is also a big trend for 2010.

Stay tuned for colour trends 2010!



05/01/2012 03:57

All of the above trends are so interesting and amazing.

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