It is not a surprise that neutral palettes are very popular and the most common colour scheme used today.  It reminds us of our natural surroundings - wood, stones, clouds, trees - and hence remains timeless.  This colour scheme can be used to create a calm and harmonious space or a bold and dynamic space.
Neutral colour hues include: black, white, gray, brown and tan/beige.

Here are a few things to remember when using a neutral colour scheme.
A neutral space can be very boring unless you inject some texture into it.  Some examples - faux furs, woven fabrics, seagrass or wicker, ornamental woods or metals, rugs and throws.  Shiny objects such as glass or stainless steel also add interest to the space with a bit of "bling".

Add some visual interest, change your decor to reflect your mood or compliment the seasons by adding colour with flowers, pillows, throws, or art.  This is also a great way for people like myself - the "continuous decorator" - to change a space without a lot of time and expense.